Cello Incredibow "No Frills"

Starting at: $139.95

No frills basic cello Incredibow! For the newcomer to Incredibows here's a great way to get introduced. For the purist who doesn't want extra features and believes that any stick covering or extra stuff just detracts from great sound - you've got a bargain!

We've now decided to offer a great Cellobow at the lowest price possible. We took out all the unnecessary frills: no color choice; no added weight, no eyes on the frog. But we're keeping what's important: carbon fiber tapered stick, special Incredibow frog and grip; brass bands and attachments and awesome Incredibow hair - and three year warranty!

Why buy an Incredibow?

Different musicians have found different reasons to invest in an Incredibow. Here are some:

1. Clarity of sound: folks find Incredibow produces a sound not available with most wood bows and/or horsehair. Clean, crisp full range tones - and absence of "hair noise"!

2. Great grab/ good volume with little effort.

3. Need for less rosin and less frequent rosining.

4. Everlasting hair! Professional musicians who regularly had to rehair their traditional bows every few weeks, now have used their Incredibow for over THREE years and still not losing even one hair! We do not know the life of our Incredihair!

5. Immediate playability: With the fixed tension Incredibows you never need to loosen or tighten the hair band. It is always ready - for those brief moments to practice at home and ready to go when jamming.

6. Play in humid weather! When other fiddlers are putting their bows and fiddles away, you can keep on fiddlin'! Incredibows don't react to humidity.

7. Health/ comfort in playing. Several Incredibow owners are now playing again when they had believed that their playing days were over. With our featherweight bow and comfortable frog/ grip, musicians now find that they are back, able to play for hours at a time when they had fatigue and pain with traditional bows.

8. PRICE and guarantee. One of the incredibows customer reports that he has set his $6,000 bow in the closet in favor of Incredibow! Two other musicians have reported replacing their $2,000 bows with Incredibows. Many other musicians report Incredibows compare in quality/ tone to bows costing hundreds of dollars more. And NO ONE will treat you better as far as doing what we can to have a satisfied customer.

For more information please visit the manufacturers page HERE

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